About the fact that Irrfan Khan is being planted, find out about that deadly disease here

GBM is also called ‘Death of Diagnosis’. That’s because it’s been quite late. There is no clear information about the causes of this cancer

Ever since Irrfan Khan has indicated on Twitter about his ‘rare’ disease, since then the speculations are being made in the media about the disease. Although Irfan did not mention his illness, according to media reports, he had ‘brain cancer’. According to the speculations being made in this regard, according to them, Irfan is the stage-4 cancer of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) in medical language. GBM is called aggressive brain cancer.

Death of diagnosis

GBM is also called ‘Death of Diagnosis’. That’s because it’s been quite late. There is no clear information about the causes of this cancer. A genetic disorder is also considered to be a major reason for its occurrence. Do not know its initial symptoms. But headaches, changes in behavior, vomiting, memory loss, neurological problems can be broadly described as symptoms. Only after the CT scan, MRI scan and tissue biopsy, it is understood.

15% of brain tumor cases are of GBM is considered to be the second most common brain tumor after meningioma. This can be the beginning of normal brain cells. Compared to women, cases of this type of cancer are more in men. Men are more susceptible to it after the age of 64.

How dangerous it is

This disease is considered to be extremely fatal. It is also said that despite the treatment, there are also large chances of emerging again. Usually, the patient is likely to survive 12-15 months after being diagnosed with this in the investigation. In only 3-5 percent cases, the patient only survives more than five. The probable period of survival in this situation, if not treated, is three months.

Irrfan Khan

It is notable that Irfan shared the information about his illness by tweeting on Monday.
He wrote, ‘Sometimes you wake up and find that your life is now completely shaken. In my last 15 days, my life has become suspense story. I did not even realize that I would get a rare disease while searching for rare stories. However, I never left the favor of hope and always fought for my choice and would always fight. My family and my friends are with me and we are all looking for good ways to get out of this disease right now. Please do not speculate during this attempt, because within week-ten days, I will share my story with you myself. Then wish me good. ‘

More than 30 films have done work

Irrfan Khan is an actor from Hindi, English films, and television. He regarded his acting as the iron in ‘The Warrior’, ‘Maqbool’, ‘Haasil’, ‘The Namesake’, ‘Rog’, ‘Pan Singh Tomar’, ‘Hindi Medium’, ‘Qareeb Qareeb Single’. He received the Filmfare Best Villain Award for the year 2004 for the film ‘Haasil’. He worked in more than 30 films of Bollywood. Irfan has also worked in the world of televised in serials such as ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’, ‘Sara Jahan Hamara’, ‘Chandrakanta’ and ‘Shrikant’.

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