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Check out these Bollywood stars who had gone bankrupt

1 Preity Zinta

Bollywood’s ‘Dimple Girl’ Preity Zinta has given many hits, and in those days Preity’s coin was on the highlands. Preity Zinta gets famous from the movie “Koi Mil Gaya” After the flop of the film ‘Ishq In Paris’, Priti went to bankrupt. At the same time, writer and director Abbas Tyrewala also filed a case against her for not paying his money. In such a way, Bollywood Godfather Salman Khan had given financial support to Preity Zinta.

2 Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan also had to face financial troubles. This is the time when the year 2010 bet big money on Shah Rukh’s career’s biggest flop film Ra-One. After this mischief, Shah Rukh himself had admitted that the film was a big waste of money and time.

3 Govinda

This list also includes the name of superstar Govinda. Govinda has become poor because of not getting the film for a long time. After getting the blockbuster movie like ‘Partner’, all the problems of Govinda were solved.

4 Jackie Shroff

Bollywood’s Jaggu Dada is still seen in films, but very few people will know that Jackie Shroff has also struggled with a financial crunch. He took a lot of money in debt from producer Sajid Nadiadwala. Sajid was going to court on this matter but Salman helped Jackie and prevented Sajid from going to court. After this, Jackie sold his flat and paid the entire amount of Sajid.

5 Abhay Deol

Actor Abhay Deol, who had a unique identity in Bollywood, had to face problems due to lack of money. He produced the film ‘One by Two’ in which he put all the proceeds of earning. The movie budget was 21 crores INR and Boxoffice collection was 3.77 crores INR. Due to the film was super flops, Abhay got on the road. After this, he had to sell his own home to pay the loan amount.

6 A. K. Hangal

95-year-old actor AK Hangal had to cope with the shortage of money. Even they did not have the money to repay up to the medical bills. After this, once again Salman Khan and Jaya Bachchan helped Hangal.

7 Raj Kapoor

Bollywood showman Raj Kapoor took a big amount in the loan from the bank to make the film ‘Mera Naam Joker’. This movie proved to be a big flop of Bollywood and the entire money of Raj was sank After this, Raj Kapoor paid the amount as it was.

8 Parveen Babi

Beautiful actress Parveen Baba, who had worked in blockbuster films ‘Namak-Halal’, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Shaan’ and ‘Deewar’, had faced many problems due to the lack of money. Parveen was completely alone. It was a great surprise for the country when at a young age she said goodbye to the world. She was found dead in his Juhu apartment. Even Bollywood had told Parveen was mad.

9 Satish Kaul

Kashmiri actor Satish has worked in more than 300 Punjabi and Hindi films. He has been awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in Punjabi Cinema. When he was in the hospital in the sickness, he did not have enough money to pay the bill. Even today, he is living in a financial crisis.

10 Vimi

Actress Vimi had signed in Bollywood with BR Chopra’s superhit film, ‘Humraj’. At the age of 30 in 1977, she passed away. Wimi’s parents were unhappy with her going to Bollywood. But her husband Shiv Agarwal proved to be a milestone for them. Later, due to some mutual discord both of them got divorced. After this, Vimi was not able to get the films and her name disappeared from Bollywood. To pay off their debts, Vimi had to face many problems.


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