An injection and leave for three months from the womb

What is contraceptive injection?

Women can use it every three months to prevent pregnancy. Its name is DMPA injection. DMPA means depot medroxyprogesterone acetate. That means that in this injection Hormone Progesterone is used.

According to (gynecologist) Dr. Basab Mukherjee, these injections work in three ways. First of all, the effect of vaccination falls on the egg made in the female body. Then makes a wall on the uterus. This makes penetration of the sperm in the body of the woman difficult. For both these reasons, the child can not stay in the woman’s body. Its price ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 250.

Misconceptions related to birth control injections

It has been used for many years in other countries of the world. In India too, it was allowed to use in the 90’s. Even after this, it was not being used in the kit given to the family planning of the Government of India. Reason? Misconceptions about its use.

The use of contraceptive injections makes the bones weak in women, The risk of cancer increases. Because of such misdeeds, Women used to save it. But the WHO report sketched such misconceptions.

Quoting the WHO report, Dr. Ravi Annad says Bones are weak with prolonged use of injections in women. This thing is correct, but after using it off, it gets back to normal. Not only this, according to Dr. Ravi Anand, it also reduces the risk of cancer in women.

Benefits of Pregnancy Injection

According to Dr. Basb Mukherjee, gynecologist, there are many advantages of using contraceptive injections.

  1. It is not a hassle to take medicine daily.
  2. The risk of conceiving is not equal to using it.
  3. It can be used even after the baby is born because it contains progesterone.
  4. Some people want to keep the use of contraceptives private; they consider this method to be better.

After the use of injection bleeding in some women becomes very less. Doctors consider it good because it reduces the risk of anemia in women. The most important thing is that women who use contraceptive injection are unlikely to conceive. Not only this, there is not too much restriction on the time limit. It can be taken up to four weeks after the completion of three months. There is no danger of pregnancy in the middle.

Source: BBC India

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