Police arrested a man on the complaint of chasing Ekta Kapoor

For some time a man was following Ekta Kapoor. Which the police has arrested on Monday. This 32-year-old man was following the unity for the past several months. The police said that more than 30 times this person had stopped Ekta from going to the temple and the gym. The name of this person is Sudhir Rajendra Singh.

Sudhir wanted to work with Ekta and wanted to work with him. Ekta Kapoor Company recently complained to the police about this. According to the police officer, even after ignoring Ekta Kapoor repeatedly, that person was not leaving her behind.

The extent has come when Sudhir has reached the temple chasing Ekta. Started trying to talk to her here. He was stopped by the Security Guard and warned not to appear again. After this, the man came to the gym and waited for Ekta. After the complaint of Ekta’s Kapoor company, the police started searching for that man.

Finally, police arrested Sudhir from Veer Desai Road. The police are investigating the accused’s mobile and trying to figure out who gave all the information to him about Ekta Kapoor. Police told that they would deposit a charge sheet.

This is not the first instance of chasing celebrities associated with Bollywood. Often celebrities have to deal with all these things. Kangana was also stocking by a man some time ago. He was caught by the police too. Sunny Leone, Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan have also become victims of this thing.

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