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Why Rakhi Sawant has pet name Drama Queen

Look at these 7 disputed statements of Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi Sawant is one of the most controversial celebrities of Bollywood. Whatever the issue, Rakhi gives her opinion on it. Drama Queen has nothing to offer to the weird poor statement. He often shares such videos on his social handloom Instagram that your laughter will not stop after watching, and you will also be forced to think about how a person can give such such statements.


When Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar about the #Meetoo campaign, Rakhi Sawant supported Nana. During this, Rakhi had said that Tanushree Datta was a homosexual, she touched my private parts, she raped me several times and she was a boy from inside. Rakhi Sawant said that she feared that no man would marry her because Tanushree Dutta raped her.


Rakhi Sawant praised the government for the air strikes on Pakistan after the Pulwama attack. During this time she had said – I can not say anything more. But I can give life to my country. I wish to go with the 50 to 100 kg of bombs in the enemy’s territory and completely eliminate it.


Rakhi Sawant, sharing a video, told the unsafe method of protecting women from rape and exploitation. If Rakhi believes that this invention is in the interest of women. Now for what this invention is, you have to watch this video.


Rakhi also talked about to teach acting to actor Kunal Roy Kapoor. Actually, Rakhi had seen Kunal Roy Kapoor’s condom’s advertisement, after seeing that she had said – By applying surname Kapoor, you will not be a star. If you want to learn the talent, then come to me, I have a lot of talent. You look like a pumpkin.


By issuing a video, Rakhi Sawant had said that there are such great people in the world that donate different organs of their body. Someone donates his eyes so someone donates his lungs. I also want to donate something to the world. I have nothing else to do. So I want to donate my breast.

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Rakhi Sawant had said a lot about the pair of singer Anoop Jalota and her girlfriend Jasleen Matharu, who had joined the Big Boss Season 12. Rakhi had said that if Anoop Jalota cannot walk properly, then what will he do? At the same time, Rakhi said on the issue of supporting Anoop Jalota. If Jasleen is gone, then do not worry. I am on, I will do ‘Kand’ with you.


The Great Rakhi Sawant had said in the case of Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide: Sealing fan should be banned so that no one can commit suicide by hanging from the fan.

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