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You don’t know the filthy habits of Bollywood Stars

About the personal life of Bollywood stars, the fans are always making suspense. What their favorite stars wear, what they eat and what they do, even their habits are too excited to know their fans. Let us revels about some of the dirty habits of these stars.

1 Ameesha Patel

Actress Ameesha Patel is very much liked by Pink color. She often appears in pink clothes. The pink color is also the most viewed in color combinations in her home.

2 Ayushman Khurana

Knowing this habit of actor Ayushman Khurana, popular with the film Vicky Donor, you will also be surprised that he does the toothbrush several times a day.

3 Jeetendra

If you do not know about this habit of famous actor Jitendra, then it will be right. Actually, they love to eat papaya at the time of defecation.

4 John Abraham

Actor John Abraham, who is known for his tremendous muscles body in Bollywood, is heard that he keeps shaking his feet while sitting.

5 Kareena Kapoor Khan

The habit of Timur Ali Khan’s mother Kareena Kapoor Khan will prevent you from becoming her fan. Actually to know that she often chews his nails.

6 Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee’s talented actress, But let us tell you that the Rani is considered to be the most smoke-making actress in Bollywood. In fact, She continues to smoke a cigarette after one.

7 Saif Ali Khan

If small Nawab Saif Ali Khan can look into the bathroom then you will see telephone extensions and libraries.

8 Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor has a habit of drinking coffee several times a day.

9 Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood’s habit, does not take his shoes unless he goes to sleep on the bed.

10 Sushmita Sen

You will be surprised by the habit of actress Sushmita Sen. Indeed, they like to take a bath in the open.

11 Sunny Leoni

After all, Bollywood’s Baby Doll Sunny Leoni has a habit of cleaning her legs every fifteen minutes.


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